St. Albertos Tutorial

St. Alberto’s Tutorial Project is an innovate response by the Diocese of Musoma to reach out to young women who have not been able to continue their schooling due to poor exam results. These young women are entering a one year tutorial which will review the primary school education as well prepare a student for entering secondary using English as a learning medium.

Classroom at St.Alberto

Many girls are unable to continue schooling because of poor infrastructure and teaching at the village level. This program aims to boost the primary education and give the girls a chance at continuing school. A young woman who does not continue schooling often faces early marriages/early pregnancies and continues in the cycle of poverty at the village level.

Fence and Dormitory at St.Alberto

This program is trying to reach into this issue and offer young women who have run from all forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) –like Child Marriages, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)- a chance to continue with school. The project has generously been funded by Missio Munich.


The Road to Sainthood: Julius K. Nyerere

Sainthood. Tanzania's first president, a teacher cum politician, is held in high esteem among his countrymen. But will he become a saint?

Bishop Michael Msonganzila invites everyone across the diocese to join together in Praying for his Sainthood to be.

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