Catechetical Department:

Catechetical Department:

Called to Be a Catechist?

Is God calling you to be a catechist? Hopefully this page will help you to discern this calling...

What is a Catechist?


  • genuinely care for God's people and be willing to give of yourself for their good.
  • a love of Christ and a desire to grow and share our wonderful faith
  • an awareness of God's grace and a desire to know that grace
  • a commitment to the Church's liturgical and sacramental life and moral teachings
  • a strength of character built on patience, respect, confidence, and creativity
  • generosity of spirit, respect for diversity, and a habit of hospitality and inclusion

Knowledge and Skill:

  • a basic understanding of Catholic teaching, Scripture and Tradition (key word "basic", we will help to form you and equip you)
  • honest and caring relationships with age group being served
  • effective teaching techniques and strategies


The Road to Sainthood: Julius K. Nyerere

Sainthood. Tanzania's first president, a teacher cum politician, is held in high esteem among his countrymen. But will he become a saint?

Bishop Michael Msonganzila invites everyone across the diocese to join together in Praying for his Sainthood to be.

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